Outstanding Personalized Gift Shop in Glendale Hts

Welcome to CDJ Designs, a unique handcrafted personalized gift shop located in Glendale Heights, Illinois. As a creative soul, I am excited to bring happiness and comfort to you through my diverse range of handcrafted items. I specialize in personalized ornaments, shirts, decor, and shadowboxes, offering gift items for all occasions and customers of all ages.

My passion for crafting started when I was a teenager and has continued to this da... Learn More

From Heart to Home: Handcrafted Treasures That Touch Lives

From Christmas ornaments to shadow boxes, shirts, and door hangers, I strive to make sure that each item is as special and personal as possible. My products are carefully crafted to make customers feel valued, and I cherish the creative process of crafting something that can touch the heart.

My journey began with my passion for creating personalized gifts for friends, family, and special occasions. As a nurse, I find a creative outlet in craf... Learn More

Crafting Joy: Personalized Ornaments & Gifts for Every Occasion

Here, creativity and craftsmanship come together to create extraordinary pieces that bring joy and personal charm to every aspect of your life. My handcrafted ornaments and gifts are made with love and attention to detail and are perfect to give any occasion a personal touch.

From weddings and special events to birthdays and holidays, each item is lovingly crafted to bring a smile to your face. I understand the importance of finding pieces ... Learn More